GPS Tracking Device for Vehicle Fleet

GPS Tracking Device for Vehicle

GPS Tracking Device for Vehicle

GPS Tracking Device for Vehicle Fleet

What is involved in tracking a vehicle?

GPS Tracking Device is useful, informative with tracking software and a vehicle tracking unit mounted in the vehicle, typically under the dash or seat and out of reach of the driver. Track Your Truck offers both. Our application is a Web-based software platform that is accessible from any Internet-connected computer or smartphone.

What is the difference between cellular GPS and satellite GPS? Which is best?

Both the cellular and satellite GPS models behave in similar fashion — that is, they both provide GPS information to our tracking software.
Cellular GPS could send signal within a building (unlimited data plan), while Satellite GPS only work in open air (Free).

Do I need a professional installer?

It depends. If you have a person with basic vehicle electrical knowledge, then you should be able to install the units. Our devices with ease of installation and we also provide Free installation in Singapore. Each unit must be connected to an ignition source, a constant power source (vehicle battery) and chassis ground. We provides all needed cabling and fuse kits.
If you do need a professional installer, we have a list of installers around your country that you can contract with directly. You should expect to pay between $75 and $150 depending on your geographic location.

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